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February 24, 2006


Captain Chaos

As you enter Atlantic City they have installed 5 of these on the Bay side. I don't know how much power they provide but they look cool.


KN.com really has depth! You never know whether you're going to get a story about a drunken night out, or a thought-provoking discourse on alternative power sources. I happen to love the idea of a "wind farm". What a beautiful, sculptural enhancement to the landscape. Imagine the beauty of rows of these structures, changing in perspective as you drive by. Far more beautiful that your average power plant, no doubt. Not to mention, they would serve as a monument for education about environmental alternatives. Further, even at their most dense configuration, they would merely screen vistas, not block them as an opaque building form would. There you go ... my $.02. Have a great weekend!


I'm hung over and I have a headache and you want my 2 cents on wind turbines!?!?

Andrew Seraphin

Im with ya man. Think about all of the energy that mother nature produces that could be used for energy. Id like to see how much power it would produce in a summertime storm, blizzard, or hurricane


Pat: Anything they can do to enhance the view on the ride down to AC is a plus!

Maureen: You never know what you're going to get here at kn.com. We like to keep everyone on their toes.

Louie: Go drink some Gatorade buddy.

Seraphin: maybe you can harness some of that power next time you're out riding the waves!


Kev - no comments back from yesterday?


They seem to be popular out here in CA. When I was up in the San Fran area last week, driving out to the 'burbs, I must have seen a hundred of them. Pretty impressive...




Andrew Seraphin

oh i harness that energy. but thats why im so pro-wind because I dont want them setting up machines to the ocean and stealing my swell; that would pretty much suck.

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